526738_10200643906757925_407923167_nMy name is Taylor Foley and I am going into my final year of college at Franciscan University of Steubenville. I was born in Connecticut but pretty much raised in St. Louis Missouri. My parish back home was a Life Teen Parish and my faith blossomed with the help of youth group. When I had to decide what I wanted to do with my life, nothing called to me more than Youth Ministry.  I have a heart for preaching the good news and for getting other people just as excited as I am about the Catholic Faith.


When looking for colleges to attend Franciscan University of Steubenville was the obvious choice.  Franciscan is basically the Catholic Disneyworld of universities. It is an absolute blessing to attend here and I am every day reminded of how beautiful living in a truly Catholic place is. I’m studying Theology and Catechetics. I’ve been in classes like Sacraments, Theology of the Church, Theology of Healing, Foundations of the Faith, Comparitive Relgion, Christian Moral Principles, among many many more.

This summer I figured I would start a blog to start practicing finding interesting and relevant ways to teach the faith. So I’m a young Catholic who is wandering through this life in hopes of spiritual growth. This blog is one of the many stepping stones in my life which will lead me closer to God, and hopefully my readers too. I figured with all the information I’m learning in class and from being surrounded by devout Catholics I would have an insight into some cool Catholic tid-bits.


I love to write, and although I am not the most eloquent, it has become one of my favorite hobbies. I love music and I play the guitar, the piano, and the viola. I am adventurous and anything having to do with thrills or fear are my cup of tea.  I spend most of my time hanging out with my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years or with my Household Sisters.

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  1. Taylor, good piece on summarizing David Prosen’s talk. Many thanks!!

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