Why so young and restless?


Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Matthew 28:11

        The title of my blog is the Young and Restless Catholic for a reason. I didn’t pick it because of the movie, mostly because I’ve never seen the TV show, but I chose it because it encompassed what I want this blog to achieve. This blog is for the young and old alike, but it is really aimed towards those young in the faith who want to grow. It is also for those seeking rest.

In this busy life, with all its distractions, it’s hard to feel rested. We are constantly searching for the answers to questions which we believe will cure our restlessness. We fill our lives up with social events, friends, and whatever we believe will give us a sense of rest. Unfortunately, we busy ourselves too much to be restful. We fill our lives with music, television. Even as I write this I have Netflix running in the background. It’s pathetic really, how much we have to busy ourselves in hopes to feel full.

We trust in ourselves to fulfill our deepest desire. However, the longing we have to feel full can only be filled by the one who created it. We, especially as Americans, have a very independent nature. We like to believe everything is under our control. We put on brave faces and feel as if we can truly take the wheel in our own life. I saw a Church bulletin board once that said “If you are in the driver’s seat of your own life, get out and move to the passenger side.”

When we truly look at human nature, we realize how fickle we are. “As long as you live you will be subject to changeableness in spite of yourself. You will become merry at one time and sad at another, now peaceful but again disturbed, at one moment devout and the next indevout, sometimes diligent while at other times lazy, now grave and again flippant.” How can we, if we are honest with ourselves, believe that we are able to control our life?

All the activities we fill our time with, all of the noise we surround ourselves with often are distractions from the true rest that Christ has to offer us. “My heart cannot rest or be fully content until, rising above all gifts and every created thing, it rests in You Imitation of Christ.” When we come to terms with how temporal the world is we realize that Christ is the sure eternal rest we need.

This blog “The Young and Restless Catholic” will hopefully reveal some beautiful truths about the faith which can fill the longing in our hearts. I claim to know very little, so it’s also a journey for me. A quest for a mature and restful faith.