Coca-Cola’s view on children and family…. GREAT

What a beautiful reminder that children are not a burden, nor a source of suffering and disappointment, but rather a joyful gift and a source of so much love.


What kind of Church do you know?


Perhaps you have met a Catholic Church who isn’t pastoral, merciful, caring. Perhaps you know a Church that is petty, hypocritical, selfish, and oppressive. Perhaps the Catholic Church you know isn’t accepting, but is hateful, judgmental and negative.

Let me tell you, if that is the case then you have not met the Catholic Church. You have met her fallen members. These members are sinners, they lie, they cheat, they steal. They aren’t perfect, but the Church is. The Catholic Church often gets a bad name because of the way her supposed faithful show her face in the world. Pope Francis is calling all of the Church’s faithful to reexamine the way they live their lives, and dedicate themselves to following the footsteps of Christ.

The Catholic Church stands firm as a moral compass and a beacon of truth that can never be destroyed and can never be extinguished. However, her members will fall. Her members will be rude, but they are trying to be right. They may be misinformed, misled, or deceived. However, Holy Mother Church will continually call them back to herself and remind them of the truth.

Pope Francis is doing just that. He is reminding those ‘so-called Catholics’ to better represent the Church. So in the footsteps of Pope Francis, and the reason why he should be Person of the Year, I leave you with a evangelical purpose. Hopefully this will inspire you to better live a life in line with the truth of the faith the Catholic Church professes.

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I’ll be waiting, anticipating. All that I aim for, what I was made for, with every heartbeat, all of my blood bleeds running inside me, looking for you.